Teaching-you French

Teaching-you French

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Always dreamt of speaking a foreign language? Then why not start today! Teaching-you French gives you all the tools you need to experience real language the way it is used by native speakers in a fun, interesting environment. With over 9,000 words and a range of activities and games for all ability levels, Teaching-you French will have you speaking and understanding French in no time.

It’s as easy as…
1. Listen: Compare your voice to native speakers using the fully integrated native speaker pronunciation for every word and sentence.
2. Read: Thousands of words of native language content presented in context to give you lots of reading practice.
3. Speak: Interactive dialogues and conversation practice to master thinking and speaking in your new language.

Teaching-you French makes language learning fun and rewarding for the whole family.

Product Features:
* Electronic flash cards specifically designed to help you easily and effectively master essential vocabulary and vital phrases. Subjects covered include Days of the Week, Asking Directions, Meeting & Greeting, Eating Out, Emergencies, and much more.
* Advanced speech analysis to help you speak like a native - record, playback, and compare your voice.
* Interactive games to let you build vocabulary and grammar skills whilst challenging yourself. Choose from an assortment of exciting activities to enhance your language learning including crosswords, word dictation, and sentence dictation.
* Listening and speaking activities to help you improve pronunciation and listening skills.
* Comprehensive grammar references complete with alphabet overview.
* Slow Sound that allows you to dynamically slow the native speaker down to 10-50% to hear every nuance to develop listening skills.
* Language Learning Screen Saver* to extend the learning opportunities.
* Personal Progress Tracking - as you move through each stage, the program tracks your progress, recognizes achievement, and reviews the words and phrases that you are having the most difficulty with.

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